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Other Resources and Learning Tools


Monarch Glossary: improve scientific vocabulary

To help understand some of the more complex language of monarch and parasite biology discussed on the website, we have created a glossary of commonly used words. We are working on a way to integrate this into the website, but we also wanted a source for instructors to access in case of clarification. Click here to access it!


Links: delve further into the world of monarchs 

For further exploration, we've provided a list of helpful websites which can answer a lot of your students' questions about monarchs and their parasites. We're in the process of creating some paired worksheets to go along with these websites - stay tuned. Click here to access the links! We've also put together a document with a list of the best monarch butterfly books out there, for all levels of readers. Click here to check it out.


Puzzles: Crosswords and wordsearch

We have constructed three different levels of crossword puzzles that use monarch-OE vocabulary words. Click below for the desired puzzle and answer key.

• Beginner (Elementary school level): 10 clues / Answer key

• Intermediate (Middle school level): 20 clues / Answer key

• Advanced (Advanced middle school/high school level): 25 clues / Answer key


Click here for access to a wordsearch that uses words from the same vocabulary set. / Answer key 


Monarch Flash Cards: Test your knowledge of Monarchs

We have prepared a set of virtual flashcards for your students to use and study.

Flash Card Instructions:

  1. Click here to access them.

  2. You must login with username

  3. The password is monarchs.

  4. Once logged in, click "My Stuff" and then "My flashcards".

  5. A link to "monarch vocabulary" will pop up.


Worksheets: Expand your knowledge of Disease and Monarchs

We are working on a set of worksheets for different grade levels. The first one is for approximately 3rd graders - click here to access it.


Instructional Videos: go behind the scenes with Monarch Health


We have a number of short instructional videos on topics ranging from sterilizing the lab to growing milkweed! Click here to access our video archive.

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